Where are you going and where have you been?
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Almost all my photos are re blogged from other websites. So i do not take credit for any of the pictures unless said specifically

Enjoy :)

hey, i'm kerri. i'm 21. i love art. .i love penguins, i love tattoos and piercings. .i love music. .i love alcohol. .i'm studying psychology, i love photographs .i love to party. .earrings are my best friend. .im adopted. .i have curly hair. .i'm half Italian half black. .i am very LOUD. .i like to be active. .i am very affectionate. .i tend to wonder where the people in the cars next to me are going.

.i have an overactive imagination. .i have a bad habit of twirling my hair. .i get the hiccups all the time. .i enjoy laughing .i am easily amused. .it doesn't take much for me to get distracted. .i love to scrapbook.

.i have an obsession with eyeliner and painting my nails. .i like to bite. .i have compassion for every living thing. .my weakness is that i love too hard and feel too deep. .i love animals. .i like to listen to people tell stories. .i wish there was world peace. .i love to have dreams. .my goal is to save at least one person’s life. .i love the sound of pages turning. .hugs are my favoritest. .play with my hair and you will be my best friend. .i find beauty in everything. .my biggest disappointment is that i cannot save the world....

i am a pretty easy person to get along with.i have strong beliefs but i am comfortable enough with what i believe in that i can see from other points of view. i am one who loves to help others. humans are social creatures and i believe we should support each other rather than fight. i believe that there is no such thing as winning a war, but rather reaching a compromise. i believe that the most important people in your life will disappoint you at one point or another. i believe that God draws straight paths with crooked lines. i believe that the people that don't belong in your life will weed themselves out over time and i believe that although i have no idea where i am going in life, i am headed towards something great... i love life. blast off in 3...2..1............................

Any questions feel free to ask :)


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    Very true. Very true, mrrw.
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    I’m sure we’re entitled to a short break. It’s not like we’re abandoning our home planets…Like my predecessor did. >.>;
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